Xhun Audio ResonHeart audio demo : Battle For The Lost Ark

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Post Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:30 am

Hi, here's a new audio demo, made using 100% Xhun Audio ResonHeart (available from October 1st) and nothing else.

This audio demo has been made to show the potentials of ResonHeart for Film/Soundtrack/Movie compositions and productions. I think ResonHeart is the natural-born companion for "Ambient/Score" composers.

I also added several explanatory notes to the audio track (Soundcloud).

Strings, choirs, cymbals, gongs, chromatic percussions, etc. (everything) are entirely generated by ResonHeart synthesizer. Reverb and spatialization engines are 100% ResonHeart.

Audio demo : "Battle For The Lost Ark"
https://soundcloud.com/xhun-audio/reson ... e-lost-ark

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