Request: Second envelope for Bassline-101 and Uno-LX

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Post Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:48 am

Having used the roland cloud plugins I really liked that the juno and 101 had a second envelope to be able to separate volume and filter. You wouldn't even have to change the GUI really. You could just have a third option for the volume (gate, ADSR 1, ADSR 2) and then have a switch that flipped a tab to the second envelope if the use wanted to use it. Otherwise it looks just like the original. I'd be happy to see them both actually but if people complained that it changed too much from the original, that's an option. I just think a second envelope is so useful, even Roland added it to their classics which otherwise received few changes from the classics.
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Re: Request: Second envelope for Bassline-101 and Uno-LX

Post Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:52 pm

+1, i have rebuild all roland cloud sh101,sh2, juno and jx-3p patches and would also welcome a second envelope. On the other side, i was able to rebuild most patches very closely.
A second envelope would be realy nice. It could also be added in the existing GUI, to switch between an A and B envelope.

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