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Post Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:13 pm

Hi .

I am knew to EDM , got really hooked listening to a guy named Alex H

that track in particular , really wanted to know the genre that track belongs to .

Its seems like its tagged as progressive house, but then when i search for progressive house ,it sound like the progressive house i see on youtube, this happy Segue ish type of music you would find in a youtube vlog

not sure if this makes sense , i am just very new to this and could be very wrong:)

I just wanted to know how to find more music like this, who else does this type of music

Also, i am struggling to make a kick sound like the one in the mentioned track .

it doesn't have this hard thump in many dance music, it sounds a bit cushioned and also has some acoustic quality to it , is there a sample pack that could be a good starting point for getting a more mild kick sound .

I am not new to using DAW's specially with guitars and drums, just know very little about EDM and trying to learn, so i am not a complete noob with music production

so yeah, long story short, what genere is this track, who else makes similar music . and how do i get a similar kick to the one he uses .

thanks for reading all this

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