How can in rhapsody orchestral colors get the kontakt arp correct working in 11 custom ensemble chords.nki ?

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Post Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:03 am

I see in The Orchestra Complete video that the kontakt arp is very usefull and easy to use.

So i get the idea to add the kontakt Factory arp to rhapsody. in the 1. slot is the instrument script. so i need add the arp in the second slot. I switch rhapsody in prefs to Dyn Control Vel. velocity control work ok with staccato, staccatisimo, tenuto. but not with sustain and legato. this work only with CC1.

next problem, the arp play only 1 section(from 4 ) .
maybe there is a way that the arp can work with all 4 sections the 11 custom ensemble chords.nki offer ?

the unison preset have same problem
For Bug report Purpose that developer see which system i use; win 10 64 1809 intel i5 8600K (6*3.6 GHZ) 16 GB Ram

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