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Post Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:46 am

I use a USAMO to sync my Octatrack with Ableton Live. I am working on a new project and I would like to use an MPD 32 to send midi through the USAMO (via its connection to Ableton) so that I can control individual track volumes and a few effect parameters. To do this I need to send midi over channel 1 for track 1, channel 2 for track 2 and so on for 8 total tracks. Ableton is receiving midi over channels 1-8 when I move the faders but the USAMO is only picking up the data on Ch 1. I have the Channel set to 'Omni' and Channelise set to 'off' in the USAMO plugin. My USAMO functions properly and it seems like this is an issue with the software itself. Perhaps I have a setting in Ableton wrong? Would appreciate some help if anyone has experience with doing this.


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Re: USAMO Software and Ableton Help

Post Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:50 am

Live likes to smush all MIDI data going to plug-ins to MIDI channel 1. You need to tell it to address specific MIDI channels using the drop-downs - see attached image.
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