Baroque on synth

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Post Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:24 pm

As promised and inspired by px2018's interpretation of Bach's Christmas Oratorio I am posting a few of my own "Baroque on synth" compositions.

The first one is a little overture. Actually I am not sure if this is an original. The opening melody just popped into my head one day, but it could be an existing classic (Bach?). Please let me know if you recognize this.
Royal Flush Overture
Instruments: V-Station (if I remember correctly)

This piece starts with a canon, then goes through two short movements before it returns to the initial sequence.
Plain Vanilla Fugue
Instruments: Xhun Audio LittleOne, Artifake labs RedTron, GSi ZD6

Not quite baroque but based loosely on the same idea as the previous pieces. This one has drums just because it sounded more powerful that way.
Showdown at Proxima Centauri
Instruments: Thorn, Addictive Drums 2

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Re: Baroque on synth

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Re: Baroque on synth

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I really like these!

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