Raking articulation? Any examples?

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Post Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:28 am

I'm sure it's just me, but I've been trying to use the raking articulations, seemingly to no effect. Yes, the tone of the upper strings alters when I increase the velocity (as per the default TACT settings), but the tones don't emulate the raking I've experienced playing live.

Unfortunately, the manual (great as it is) is rather stingy when it comes to discussing this articulation. As far as I can tell, the sustained note should be lower than 110 velocity, the raked notes above 110.

It's an imposition, but would someone be able to post (Youtube? Soundcloud?) an example of raking that I can judge against? I've tried searching for a raking tutorial (the ISW 4-parter aside. Great, though!) but no joy.


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Re: Raking articulation? Any examples?

Post Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:04 pm

Raking is just passing through a few strings that are muted before hitting the target note, giving it a characteristic noisy attack. From 2:00 in this video:


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Re: Raking articulation? Any examples?

Post Wed Jan 08, 2020 1:35 am

Hey, ED. Funny meeting you here. :wink:

Yeah, I'm familiar with the concept: I've got a Strat. Unfortunately, I don't have the talent to play live: I'm a keyboardist. I just haven't been able to re-emulate the articulations. The best I can do is a low-duration (eg. 1/32 5:4) run up the open strings at high velocity, followed by the sustain, but it still doesn't quite sound right. Maybe it's just my amp simulators.

Thanks for the repsonse, man. You're the backbone of this place.

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