Any tips on smoothly re-authorising software on new system?

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Post Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:31 pm


Will be upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 soon, either clean install on current PC, or possibly on whole new PC.

Either way, I'm assuming all my software and plugins will need re-authorising after re-installation...

As I've not done this before, I've no idea exactly what this involves. I'm not asking here for specific detailed procedures as I assume this will vary from vendor to vendor - but if I could get some general advice on what I need to look out for, this would be much appreciated!

1) A lot of my software has licenses on ilok dongles - e.g. Slate Digital, Soundtoys, East West sample libraries etc. Do I just need to plug the dongles into the new system to have the software work on it, or is there anything else I need to do? e.g. do I need to de-authorise these licenses in ilok Manager first, then re-authorise on new system? And if so will I need the original authorisation codes to do this?

2) For plugins which I authorised online at time of installation via the vendors website, but which don't have licenses located on a dongle (e.g. Fabfilter stuff, Superior Drummer 3, Amplitube 4, Zebra 2, Omnisphere 2, Geist 2, Valhalla reverbs etc.) I've really no idea where to start... If these need to be de-authorised before re-install and re-authorisation on new system, I've no idea how to do this... Is there a set procedure for this (or a license manager for these licenses which I've not found yet?) or do I need to contact each vendor individually to request new authorisation codes? Or something else?

Thanks in advance, and if there's a thread somewhere that I've missed that already covers this, please feel free to direct me to it!

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Re: Any tips on smoothly re-authorising software on new system?

Post Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:28 pm

1) if you have all your Ilok licenses on the physical ilok key, it is really just installing the ilok app on the new system and plugin the key. That’s the advantage of ilok. I’ve done that and it was super smooth.
If you have licenses authorized to your computer, you NEED to remove those first.
2) for non ilok plugins there is sadly no standard procedure. With some, you just need to import or input the license key again (u-he, Valhalla) others with challenge response (IKMM, Native Instruments) you just have to re-authorize on the new system with the respective license manager. It’s a PITA.
Some plugins actually need to be deauthorized because else you cannot activate them on a new computer. I think plugin alliance are an example, and Waves.

My migration from win7 to 10 took days because of that, but I did a fresh install on a new computer and kept the old one running until I was completely sure that everything was fine.
If you just do an inplace update, there shouldn’t be really issues with authorizations, except for maybe a few stupid plugins. Have never done that though, I always buy a new computer for a new operating system, after 5 years I also appreciate the increase in cpu power :)

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Re: Any tips on smoothly re-authorising software on new system?

Post Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:14 am

It took me almost 4 full days to do a complete migration. Out of those one day for backing up everything and three to install stuff back. If you go with new computer then you can skip the backup part.

To make everything as smooth as possible:
Have installers sorted out before with serials in same folders. You can even download all the latest installers beforehand. This is also a good time to check if you have all the login details you need to download and authorize everything.
Make sure to deauthorize everything that needs it (iLok, Waves, Adobe, etc).
Make sure you know where all your settings and presets are kept so you can copy them back later.
Don't do an in place upgrade. Start with a fresh install as then you will not have any bloat and issues carried on form old system.
For general purpose software (like PDF viewers, unpackers etc) use to automate installation.
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Re: Any tips on smoothly re-authorising software on new system?

Post Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:53 am

Thanks for replies, good to know that at least the ilok licenses should be easy to move over!

fese, can I just clarify one thing though - you say in reply to the ilok question "If you have licenses authorized to your computer, you NEED to remove those first." - as far as I can tell, all my ilok licenses are indeed on one or the other of my iloks (one's an older ilok1, the other an ilok 2) - but if I did have any for some reason saved on my computer, I presume this would be indicated as such in the ilok manager?

I'm currently compiling a list of all the authorisation codes I have, and tracking down installers as suggested. Oh, and good point about user settings/presets, that's going to take a bit of time too, as each plugin likes to choose a different place to put these!!

If I can ask another question: is there any easy way to tell which software needs de-authorising first, or is it just a case of having to contact each vendor in turn (or search their FAQ section, though most don't seem to answer this question...)?

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