Two new songs - first one country, second one Hawaiian Style

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Post Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:36 am ... cken-dance ... aloha-oe-1
These are my two new tracks I did yesterday. I used the new Triton VST on the first one and the second one, but the second one only uses one track of it for a reverse cymbal. The second one uses almost all free VSTs, like FS Blues Steel, Dexed, FabBass, and Apari Tenpan for the drums. The only non free VST I used on it was the Triton VST for the reverse cymbal.

Edit: any comments would be appreciated.
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Re: Two new songs - first one country, second one Hawaiian Style

Post Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:25 pm

Aloha Oe has more of a country feel to me than Hawaiian, though I hear the reference. The composition is decent --it's kind of goofy in a fun way. The weakest aspect IMHO is production/mixing. Everything was competing for the same sonic space w/o much difference in volume. Also sounded like everything was recorded dry -- the parts could have benefited from some processing to create distinction and interest. My .02.

Will be posting some of my music soon.

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