Erasure - Breath Of Life (Trance/Dance/Pop Cover)

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Post Fri Feb 21, 2020 2:02 am

Hey folks, I did this one some time back, but listening back over it, still enjoyable (to me anyway!) the production could be improved of course, as could the vocals, but it was all done in a small bedroom about 12-15 years ago now :? ... by-erasure

Would love to hear thoughts / feedback, and of course feel free to listen to the rest of my Soundcloud tracks :)

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Re: Erasure - Breath Of Life (Trance/Dance/Pop Cover)

Post Fri Feb 21, 2020 3:47 pm

Great. I like some of Vince Clarks stuff, with Yazoo and Erasure. It seems like a faster bmp. This version is kind of 90s trance version!
2:16-17 seems like that is out of tune.
You're right, it was enjoyable. :tu:

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