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Post Thu Mar 05, 2020 1:36 am

Dear forum members,

I am trying to find workaround for a settings that were saved back in 2017 in few versions of the same projects that now seems to not load correctly ( settings of some certain plugins - in particular xfer's LFOTool ). I found out that FLS version was 11.1.0 back then - found this information by opening the project file in notepad++ (first lines). I went back to this version of FL, loaded the project but the problem still appear here - the plugin seems to load strange settings (like random numbers - see the screen below):
The most interesting thing - another channel of the mixer has this LFOTool that is loaded correctly. So it appear to be problem just for few channels on the mixer!

So what I am trying to find out , if is it possible to get information about the plugin versions used in the project as well ? I can read only few plugins 'settings' such as Zebra or Alchemy - its simple parameters and values. But in case of LFOTool I get bunch of NUL atributes (i guess 00) and nothing else - cannot see values used for specific parameters for the plugin etc.. I tried to instal few different LFOTool versions (from 1.2 til 1.6) but nothing helps.

Another interesting fact is that at the time of October 2017 I had another projects, using LFOTool and everything can be loaded correctly. So it seems to affect only 1 project..
I tried on another computer - it is the same result and slowly I run out of ideas.
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