Zebra 2 - How to modulate parameters such as Cut-Off?

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Post Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:45 pm

I'm used to using Serum and now I'm exploring Zebra 2 as it seems to offer more functions to experiment with sound design. I'm specifically aiming to create big pads like that of M83 'Hurry Up We're Dreaming'.

In Serum I can drag the Envelope and LFO tabs/tables onto any knob and modulate it's frequency and whatever based on the graphs.
How do I do this in Zebra 2? I can use Ableton's automation to move the cut-off filter up and down, but this requires me to do it manually, wherein Serum it moves up and down the knob and repeats automatically and has the option to draw in the tables.

I'm fairly new to sound design, so if you have an answer as to how one does this in Zebra 2, please provide as much detail as possible. Thank you!

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Re: Zebra 2 - How to modulate parameters such as Cut-Off?

Post Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:59 am

Two ways to assign modulation: the module panels themselves, and the ModMatrix.

Load up any module (eg, OSC1, VCF1), and you'll notice two types of knobs: 1) Knobs which have a box displaying "none" and 2) Knobs which are assigned to things like Cutoff or Tune.

Load up OSC1. Look for the Tune knob. If you twist that knob, the pitch changes. If you want to assign modulation to that knob, directly beneath it is a knob assigned "none." Click on "none," and choose a modulation source (eg, Env2). The knob will now control how much Tune is modulated by Env2. Similarly, if you load up VCF1, you'll notice two unassigned knobs to the left of the Cutoff knob -- those knobs, once assigned, control the amount of modulation of the Cutoff.

For the ModMatrix, Click the "Matrix" panel at the bottom to bring the ModMatrix into view. There, you assign modulations and destinations, as well as an auxiliary control.

Example, on ModMatrix Slot 1, choose Env 2 for the far left knob (Source). Then for the box menu (destination) choose Cutoff on VCF1 (might be drag and drop, depending upon version number). You can now scale the amount Env 2 modulates the Cutoff by assigning something like Modwheel to the knob "Via". For Velocity sensitivity, use "velocity" on the Env modules (similarly, common modulation sources like Key Follow are often built directly into the modules, like KeyF on a VCF).

EDIT: Quick note. Once you assign a modulation source such as an ENV or LFO, the module for its parameters will appear on the right side of the screen. Left side = sound sources, Middle lanes = signal flow, Right side = modulation.

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Re: Zebra 2 - How to modulate parameters such as Cut-Off?

Post Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:18 am

Thanks!!! Great explanation

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