How to make these ambient synths from Resident Evil 4 music

How to make that sound...
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Post Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:29 am

I'm very interested to learn how to recreate this kind of synth & composition....

this is from the video game Resident Evil 4, and is often referred to as "save room music." (the RE games always have pretty ambient-type music playing in the rooms where you are safe and can save your game).

See my initial thoughts / notes below, and then let's discuss, yeah?!

Thoughts as I get started...

- It really sounds like FM synthesis to me. There's no sound of filter opening, sweeping, or anything like that.

- It's constantly dynamic: I hear about three or four total voices or patches, each one modulating in a different way than the other (but each voice / patch could be it's own 'synth' with multiple operators, etc).

- it loops so seamlessly! I love that, and is part of what I want to learn to (re)create

- the timing is dynamic. some notes stretch, some notes play quickly, there's a sense of 'breathing' to how the progression(s) play.

- but purely in terms of synthesis, I guess 1 to 3 operators with multi-stage envelopes doing all the dynamic heavy-lifting? Throw in some LFO modulation?

- then of course some delay and reverb, naturally...

thoughts on how you'd go about this?

I'm going to use Operator (in Ableton) but I also have FM8....

Any tips, approaches, ideas, etc would be MUCH appreciated! I'm not an expert with FM so this will be a learning experience...

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Re: How to make these ambient synths from Resident Evil 4 music

Post Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:54 am

Not only FM, possibly also samples (suspect: flute)

Make an analysis of all the different sounds.
How many different sounds can you identify?
What notes do they play? Does it loop or not?
How would you recreate that specific sound?
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