Insurgent - Dark Electronic

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Post Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:10 am

Or maybe Euphoric, you decide :party:

Free 24bit 44.1kHz download for who wants it.

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Re: Insurgent - Dark Electronic

Post Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:49 am

Nice mix. Musically, too simplistic for me. Guess I'm not really into this minimalist stuff. Music has changed quite a bit since the 60s when I first started listening to the radio. It seems like most of the stuff posted at this forum falls under the category of bass arpeggio, drum beat, chord and or melodic riff and that's what we call a song nowadays. The emphasis seems to be more on the mix and the synth sounds. Lot of you guys, you included, have that nailed down pretty well. Problem is, it's just not enough for me with very rare exceptions. But I do recognize that this was done very well.

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