Is there a simple step by step video to learn the basics of OTS out there?

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Post Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:27 pm

Hello - so I finally have some time to sit down and try to get this library to work. I am on a Mac Pro running OS 10.13.6 I'm in Kontakt 5.81. I loaded up Evolution Strings. At first, I couldn't even find the presets as the online demo looks different. Speaking of the OTS teaching demo, it moves way too fast to be helpful, it assumes that the viewer is very familiar with the player (which I am not). So, I get everything loaded but as soon as I switch to Strum, nothing happens. I've loaded in a preset and set the Chords to automatic. I play the keyboard and do not hear a thing. When I disable the Chords, the sound returns.I can see the notes on the Kontakt keyboard so I know I am hitting them, just cannot get a strum ... then I finally find the magic note C0 - that plays the chords. After all that time ... SO now to the reason for this post: is there a better, slower, more comprehensive video out there that truly goes step by step - so I don't spend another hour or more searching for that hidden note? This seems like a very, very deep program. I just want to get by on it, not become a master, just do some basic strumming and finger-picking with it. Thanks very much!

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