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Patt Erns
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Post Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:18 pm

Hi all,
I'm arranging a piece for Evolution Songwriter in the FL Studio piano roll sequencer. I need to slide from B2 to C3 on string five (A string). I figured out how to apply the slide articulations (map to keyswitch, make two notes overlapping, trigger before or simultaneously with desired sliding note).

The problem is that all articulations are sounding the same. The speed is not adjusting and it's too fast. I need an eighth note slide. I can't use the programming trick of multiple slides for custom speed because the distance is only a half step.

In the attached picture I have showed how I'm triggering the slide. The three executions you see there are quarter, eighth, and sixteenth articulations. I also tried the velocity slide and it sounded the same.


How do I trigger pull offs?

The manual/user guide does not give detailed explanations of articulations. Am I missing something? Where can I fund out more about the specifics of programming the articulations and where to use them etc...?
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