I'm ready to buy a new laptop, does anyone have any recent experience with some of them out there.

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Post Thu May 21, 2020 8:08 am

The other big consideration is that most gaming rigs are pushed to the absolute limits of their thermal possibilities, yet manufacturers are still trying to make them slimmer and lighter. This often causes thermal throttling, and when you look on forums you repeatedly read about UNDERvolting (as opposed to overclocking). Meaning all this power has to be tuned down in order to not overheat the laptop, so what's the use in having so much power in the first place! I perform live frequently with my laptops and absolutely cannot afford that has thermal throttling issues at a gig. (all that said, yes the new RyZen CPUS are LEGIT!)

I have found a very nice PC alternate to the gaming machines. I just received my Eluktronics Mag-15u and it appears to be an excellent production and performance machine at a very reasonable price. Initially I was looking at a gaming machine, but I wanted more portability and battery life (something gaming books suck at). I also demo'd and returned a nice Lenovo C940 2in1, due to terrible wifi speeds and very poor DPC latency (beautiful build, sh!t components)

This is the config I bought: https://www.amazon.com/Eluktronics-MAG- ... r=8-1&th=1

The i7 in this is a bit older, but raw speed has not changed a ton over the last 5 years, and honestly audio work doesn't require a billion gHz if you work efficiently. (Those new RyZen 4000's are the only CPU I wish it had due to their low power consumption vs performance)

Basically this is a super long battery, super lightweight but well constructed (all magnesium alloy) 15" that still has a dedicated GPU. That's exactly what I wanted.

DPC latency (THE most important bench for audio work) is excellent so far (measured with latencymon).

Cons: only 1 ram slot but most bench's show that this doesn't effect most processing tasks nearly as much as we think.

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Re: I'm ready to buy a new laptop, does anyone have any recent experience with some of them out there.

Post Mon May 25, 2020 5:36 am

I have to back most of the things said in the posts already. A gaming laptop usually beats a "productivity" laptop for the price you end up investing. And when it comes to the CPU you should look for, the Ryzen series really are pulling decent numbers. Both for a PC and a Laptop.
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