Acoustic Samples VST on iOS?

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Post Sat May 16, 2020 2:44 pm

I LOVE the Old Black Grand piano VST from Acoustic Samples. I have not heard anything even close as far as old vintage, jazzy piano I have a new piano with midi but I need a host device to host the VST.

I know that all of Acoustic Samples VSTs work with UVI software but that's only available for MAC OS & Windows.

Does anyone know of any software for iOS that can play Acoustic Sample VSTs? Any way to get it onto an iOS device to midi connect to my piano?

I don't have MAC, Windows or iOS device and will buy one of them but would prefer iOS as these are more portable and cost effective.

Also, any other vintage sounding piano VST similar to Old Black Grand that WOULD work on iOS?

Or any version of Old Black Grand can be downloaded to directly to a piano? What kind of piano would I be looking for?

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Re: Acoustic Samples VST on iOS?

Post Sat May 16, 2020 3:10 pm

UVItouch Beathawk has a Acoustic Grand sample pack.
There's Ravenscroft 275 Piano from UVItouch

bismark bs-16i soundfont player let's you load any sound fond.

Korg Module and IKM iGrand Piano.

maybe there's something in for you.
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