Single note riff won’t sound if I’m using chords and strums

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Post Sun May 17, 2020 10:42 am

I mainly use the Evolution guitars with Custom Chords and Strums, and I program everything into the piano roll by drawing notes.

In my current project, I need to play a single-note riff in the last measure of a 4-bar pattern. Everything leading up to the single-note riff is triggered using Custom Chords and Strums keyswitches. When I get to the single-note riff, It doesn’t play - the whole thing is just silent. I can’t figure out why.

As an experiment, I put Evolution on a new track in its default state and copied only the MIDI notes related to the single-note riff. The riff plays fine on this track. So the issue must have something to do with using Custom Chords and Strums leading up to the single note riff??

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