I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

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Post Sat May 30, 2020 7:46 pm

Just let me know what you want me to listen to.

This is something I entered in the KVR OSC two months ago. It came in 20th out of 22. Is it REALLY that BAD????

I had really liked it and was surprised it did that bad. A few other people outside the competition listened to it (and the other entries) and also thought that a bit strange.
But the song is a bit strange and it's slow while most of the entries in the OSC are EDMish. Anyway I still like it but can't listen to it now without remembering it was almost last place. So eventually I want to release a new age/ambientish album. Not sure if this almost last place song should be included... Here I cut 90 seconds out and remastered it. Neptunus was the god of the sea. Wanted the strings to sound almost underwater like. The synth was Cheeze Machine 2. Which does have pretty strings but not a lot else.
Edited to add: I originally had it at 100 BPM and then pulled it up to 105. I wonder if that was a mistake. Perhaps I can still grasp the true feeling of it because I listened to it so many times at 100 while people only hearing it at 105 just can't make sense of it.

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Re: I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

Post Sat May 30, 2020 8:49 pm

I enjoyed the listen. There's nothing wrong with the track imho. Sounds well thought out and executed to me. I wouldn't worry at all about competition results. Music isn't a competition (as much as the media keeps trying to make it into one). I'm reminded of 70's prog synth stuff but also of early 90s trance chill out room themes. I didn't feel the tempo was an issue at all. Probably good at 100bpm too ... :)

here's a couple of my recent improvs ...
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Re: I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

Post Sat May 30, 2020 10:19 pm

competitions are not what based on what people will like, its only based on what some people like.
Its nice you have a story connected to the song, its something I need to learn to do too.
Do not worry about what people will like, especially on KVR. If I should need to worry about that I had quit making music already for a long time.
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Re: I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

Post Sun May 31, 2020 11:15 am

I don't think it's bad at all.

Having participated in some OSCs as well, I try to stick to some guidelines when rating tracks so that my personal taste and current mood don't have too much impact. These can never be eliminated entirely though, robots would be better at that :)

I think I just don't enjoy the genre that much, I'm very picky with ambientish things.
However, I can still say that the sounds you chose work well and you made them fit together nicely. The track as a whole still works in my opinion!
Also, to be honest, I dropped out of this OSC round because the sounds I got from the synth were just too cheesy for me personally :D

For OSC ratings in particular I try to keep two things in mind:
- The group of participants isn't huge, many of them being recurring participants. Ratings are basically guaranteed to be somewhat biased.
- Since the main limitation is using one plugin only, I bet some participants give extra points to tracks that feature sounds that are tricky to make with the plugin, because it displays strong sound design skills that you wouldn't really need outside of the challenge.

So don't take the OSC ratings too seriously and keep it up ;)

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Re: I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

Post Sun May 31, 2020 1:30 pm

Thanks to all. I commented on Mozex and controlcentre for whatever that's worth. If Tomx2188 would also like me to on anything, let me know.

...yes sure. Shouldn't take too seriously. Surely some or most are taking into account lots of good sounding instances which this here by me isn't really. Was a tough synth for me to manage that as is the current month's, though some people sure did. I actually want to conform a bit for the OSC (which I don't think is necessarily a terrible thing, more like going out with friends for mexican when I prefer indian, mexican is still good) but haven't managed so far thanks to bird theme and these two noiseless synths combined with me not being very good at a more upbeat lots of instances style anyway.

The conforming can't be stupid though. Switching this to 105BPM was stupid. Just switched it back (haven't uploaded and it sounds so much better to me at 100BPM.)

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Re: I'll listen to yours if you listen to mine

Post Sun May 31, 2020 1:43 pm

I really liked this. I'm a bit of a new age fan these days and this started off reminding me of the work of Anthony Miles (Even Wolves Dream) but then it went all spacey. I suppose I should have expected it considering the title. Anyway, I have no criticism at all - I just loved listening to it.

If you want to listen to mine, you will find the link here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=541692 It's kind of half New Age/Ambient, then it goes into a musically Pink Floyd inspired song.

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