Last turn (D&B; Dub; chill)

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Post Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:01 am

Here's that frase again 'And now for something completely different'
Although having listened to the past 10 tracks I do certainly see a progression happening here.
I've always enjoyed the frenzic and chilled bass of the D&B genre, but never really was a great fan of it. I do however like the cohersion of the two a lot: chill vs chaos. Still it's quite a bit away from my usual corner of creations.

Anyways; since moving on to the Standard version of Ableton Live it gives me more tracks and more sounds (and more; much more detailed work afterwards).

I'd like to share it here to hear some opinions or suggested workflow options to bring more cohesion to the track, whilst at the same time keeping that (dis-)balance of chill and chaos.

What's used: Ableton Live Standard; 3x Pigments; Some drumsynths and quite a few samples; EQEight on all tracks (which I would not have guessed of doing getting used to use Neutron3 on all tracks); some Echoboy, Filterfreak and phoenixverb happening here and there.
This is not a finished track, since I think it still needs a lot of finesse tinkering in all the channels, but it is worth sharing.

So, whadayathink then?

Oh PS: I am using the DJ Mark Vibe moniker here as it's more dance oriented then my other stuff.
And DJ Mark Vibe being active again lately is also a reason I've been more absent here. I've been doing bi-weekly live streams on Youtube playing classic 90's house cuts.

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Re: Last turn (D&B; Dub; chill)

Post Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:09 pm

DnB, Dub, Chill - I didn't get any of that from the first 2 minutes. I thought it sounded like something that Peter Gabriel might have recorded between '82 and '02, especially the arp sequence over the drums.

Alternatively, it may have been because I was looking at your SoundCloud profile pic while listening and I think there is a definite resemblance. :lol:

Good work :)

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