Nuevo vs Genki vs Touche

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Post Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:09 pm

Now that touche has been out a while...any real world experience on any of these three?...which feels more intuitive and natural to incorporate into playing/performance?...which is easier to set up? ...pros/cons?...purchase hindsight?...
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Post Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:46 am

Of the three, I've only tried a Touche SE.

I set up some nice Ondes Martenot-style patches with it, and it was very fun to jam with, but honestly I'm not much of a keyboard player in my normal process and I found it was mostly just taking up space (which is at a premium with my setup). Occasionally I used it as a pressure control to open up a filter or increase FM on a drone or something, and that was okay, but I felt like I can do that decently enough with a fader, touchplate or joystick in my modular.

Its sensitivity means it will sometimes constantly throw MIDI traffic and give MIDI Learn features a hard time. I would have to unplug it sometimes while working on a song. Honestly I think that's as much a flaw with MIDI Learn algorithms as the hardware, though.

I feel like someone who's more of a keyboard player could make good use of it for lead lines etc. When I'm making music, I'm usually more on faders and knobs or the Lyra-8, with only rare (not very virtuosic) keyboard parts.

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