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Post Sun Jan 17, 2021 5:14 pm

I'm back with a new track :ud:

- How is the kick/bass/low end? Any other frequency ranges missing?

- How is the sound quality? Any piercing sounds or bad sounds? How is it sounding in your hardware?

- How is the mastering? Is it too squashed or do you hear everything?

- Feedback what you think needs improvement the most! :)

- What would you change/add/remove in this track to make it better?

Quite happy with this track apart from bad intro piano choice and loud outro impact sound. The volume levels seems fine and kinda balanced. While being repetitive it doesn't feel too repetitive since it has different segments being introduced with their own transitions. It did get corrupted so i couldn't change the sounds and tune each sound better.

Thanks for help/feedback/replies

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Post Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:02 pm

I see nobody's commented on this so I thought I'd give it a bump.

Okay, the high end is piercing. The whole track in general is way too loud. I think the compression pumping is a little overdone but I'm not really a big fan of it to begin with. Musically, it's fine. But it's just so loud that it's difficult to listen to. Are we still fighting the loudness wars?

Anyway, hopefully now you'll get some more feedback.


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Post Sun Jan 31, 2021 2:22 pm

I just got new hardware after posting this track and now i hear what you say more clearly! Indeed its too loud and sharp. This is one problem i have is like with violins for example, how do i not make them as sharp as they are now? Is compression the solution and EQuing + OTT out some frequencies? With new gear i think (hope) ill be able to hear better than on the 60$ budget speakers from 2006 lol. I wanna make it nice to listen to not piercing as you say! :)

Thanks for feedback!

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