Loved And Lost - (Rock with a choir)

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Post Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:39 am

I may have posted this before, can't remember. It's a track I did a few years ago, and which, due to total lack of inspiration, I've revisited.
Still working on it, especially the solo, but what I'm aiming for in the mix and overall sound is there.
Enjoy? :party: :tu:
GrooveAgent5 drums
MODO bass
Shreddage for the rhythm guitars
Amplesound LP for the lead
Vocals from a sample pack by Stephy called Heavenly
All the rest is HALion6
TG12345 for the drums
Lindell 50 channel on all rest, except the guitars
bx Rockergain on the rhythm guitars
Diesel Herbert (ch 2) on 2 leads
Diesel Herbert (ch ) on the LP3 - chorus and doubler Waves GTR
Waves RS124 and RS56 on the groups
And some other stuff - my fingers ache with all this typing... :scared: ... 2021-v1-03
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