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Post Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:45 pm

Dasheesh wrote:
Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:55 am
it is incredibly difficult to stick with it for decades with no one listening or caring. you have to be a soldier. one determined SOB..
This is it mate. There's no silver bullet, it's literally working all the time of developing your craft. And even then, that's no guarantee whatsoever. But on the surface, most people seem to think, 'hey, I could do that, just laying down a few beats and making a bass'. :wink:

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Post Wed Feb 24, 2021 1:06 pm

i was dancing and my roommates were throwing parties and i was dancing and learned... but the music developed and not participated in. i think i might have waited too long. there is a balance, a point at which you have to strike. i fear i have missed it tbh.

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Post Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:05 pm

I see it as an expensive hobby of mine. However, I was listening to some demo songs in Logic lately that use only Logic synths and they sound good to me, not amazing analogue synths, obviously, but in the context of songs or arrangements they fit fine. Having a more accurate model of a minimoog isn’t going to make the songs better. They might be more inspiring when improvising, but in my usage it doesn’t result in anything better.

There are a few third party synths and plugins that are absolutely unique to anything in Logic, but when push comes to shove I can live with a very small number of them, hence the selling.

Here’s an example. I bought the New Sonic Arts Freestyle Suite about 2 days before Logic got their updated samplers and kind of regretted it. Their new Quick Sampler does everything I used in Granite and Vice, only with better modulation capabilities. Sampler was updated with faster mapping which was the entire point of me wanting Nuance. And freestyle only uses VST, which I never install as I only use Logic or other AU-capable hosts.

The value in LPX is insane. Plus the fewer third party plugins I use, the more I can rely on the package song file structure with all of the instruments and audio and settings files to simply open the song on any machine without having to spend hours or days installing installers or manager apps or copy protection utilities, etc.

My new M1 mini was set up from scratch, no migration, so when I started going through and deciding which plugins I was going to install, I kept roughly half of them off my machine.

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