Layering Synth Sounds (Arturia, Unify, BIAS FX 2, BIAS Pedal, SoundToys)

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Post Wed Mar 03, 2021 10:36 am

One of my favorite things to do for tone inspiration is pair an Arturia synth with a guitar riff, maybe even just a MIDI sample, put them through Unify w/ effects (basically making a custom patch inside Unify) then adding amps, pedals, and other effects in parallel.

I got the inspiration from 70's disco space rock, where they were putting sounds from the giant machines through guitars and creating some wild effects. I'm trying to recreate that "in the box."

Has anyone tried anything similar?

Do certain synth sounds sit better with guitar tones if the frequencies don't clog up the same space?

Are there any synth sounds that can be manipulated in a way to recreate articulation like with a guitar? Hammer-ons, strumming, ghost notes, etc.

You're all so smart and cool and rad, I couldn't dream of going anywhere else for advice.

Thanks, friends.

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Post Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:29 pm

Slide guitar blended with synth sound via a vocoder: ... ID=1989445
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