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Post Sun Mar 21, 2021 6:03 am

New track released for Songwriting Competition 043

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I wanted to create a feeling of nature awakenig after a long and cold winter. It is kinda reminiscent of what we all experienced in the last year. The spring looks promising and aims to bring a resolution to our troubles, but we still feel the taste of stress we went through.

Instruments and techniques used:

- Overall, I tried to create a lo-fi feel of early 80's home studio.
- Cherry Audio "Polymode" used for a bass drone that developes with stacked octaves and fiths.
- SampleScience "Cinematic Piano", the name stands for itself. It plays the main role in the first part of the track. It is drowned in Eventides's "Blackhole" reverb that transforms everything into etherial pad.
- "CA2600" plays the piano chords as arpeggio, fed into Audio Thing "Outer Space" tape echo that creates a rhythmic texture.
- u-He "Repro-1" used for the portamento synth lead. It is also fed into reverb.
- Field recordings of a spring forest, fed into Wavesfactory "Cassette" to simulate a budget recorder.
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Post Sun Mar 28, 2021 3:09 pm

Musically I think the slow, gradual build works very well - enjoyed it.

Production-wise, the huge amount of reverberation, delay and other effects over everything just got a little bit too much after a while? For me, I think it would've been better if some effects usage had been tamed a little so that the soundstage was more balanced?
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