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Post Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:40 am

Good Morning KVR forum!

With my last track, I made my first excursion into the synthwave genre - I got nice feedback (thx for all the comments here!!) and had quite some fun "exploring the genre" so I thought I'd stick to it for another track :-). ... tualex-mix

This time a remix of a track I like a lot ... a little more chill than the first ...

I also tried to avoid problems you pointed out for my last track (especially too many things going on at the same time with too little separation) - I think I succeeded to some extent but I'd appreciate knowing what you think :-). I tried to keep the number of parallel elements lower and have ranges of the freq spectrum "assigned" to every synth element ... hmmm ... but then again - I like a "rich sound" so I am tweaking this back and forth :-) ...

As always I'd be very happy to hear (äh - read :-) ) any comments regarding any element you think could be improved!

Thx a lot for your time!

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