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Post Mon Apr 18, 2022 6:03 pm

(Version 1.5) *** Big Update !!! *** (I wanted made it for the celebration of Easter 2022 but but i'm a bit late
  • New 'Pad Notes' and 'Chord' modules in PiKTrix Qi-Rack (not yet available in 32 bits)
* Possibility to visually see the result of the processing carried out by the arpeggiator (ordering of notes and possibility of modifying and play notes with associated pads)
* The 'Chord' module (top left of the keyboard) allows you to balance the notes stored in each pad (up to 10 notes at a time)
* The 'stores' keys allow you to save the current arpeggiator configuration (Layer selected) to one of the 10 presets (Chords)
* Number of notes, transposition (Semitones, Octaves) and notes can be saved in 'Chords' but when recalled (press the pad with the medal on).
They may be arranged in a certain order (from the lowest note to the highest note by the arpeggiator...)
* In 'Hold' mode of the arpeggiator, the sounds are heard until the end when you start a chord with a 'Pad Chord' until the pad is deactivated
on the other hand, the Chord will last until the release of the mouse in 'Hold' mode deactivated
* 'View' allows to see the name of the notes in the Pads notes of the arpeggiator and 'Write Infos' allows to modify the notes

  • New Panel (3. Manage Custum List) in all versions to index .pkt instruments to PiKTrix soundbanks (menu 3 of the diskette).
Normally, only soundbanks with prefixed numbers match to the factory sound banks (manufacturer's sound banks). But you can even reorganize them as you see fit with the menus:
* 'Add instrument' allows you to add the .pkt instrument at the top right of the panel to the last program of the selected bank, but you can also append the instrument to a new bank (2nd choice). It's up to you to rename the labels...
* Each time a new instrument is added, a 'Refresh' command will be performed to update the 'Custum List'
* It is preferable to disengage the SD card to be able to load a new instrument (or reorganize an instrument already present in the custum_List by having selected it in the 'bank' and 'program' labels of the main interface
* 'Replace Instrument': replaces the instrument selected in 'Bank' / 'Program' of the 'Store' Panel (Manage Custom List) with the new instrument
* 'Rename Bank / Program': renames the titles of the instrument located in a 'bank'. You must first select the 'Rename' menu and then click on
'bank' and 'program' to rename them
* 'Delete Instrument / Bank': Deletes the complete bank or just the instrument (file %bank%~title.txt and %bank%~path.txt located in 'Modules\Custum_List')
* 'Insert Instrument': Allows you to add the new instrument in the selected sound bank before or after the instrument selected in the list
* Reinstall Factory Bank: Allows you to reinstall the original PiKTrix sound banks (00.Welcome, 01.Amstrad CKX100, 02.Pataphysis, 98. Other, 99.Init) in
the Custum List without edit other user banks. Please note, this only corresponds to text files and will not reinstall the sounds themselves.
* 'Rescan All Banks': Normally this option should not be useful unless there has been a program interruption for the annexation of a new sound bank (this is done automatically)
* 'Reset PiKTrix Custom List': Delete all .txt files from the 'Modules\Custum_List' directory and reinstall the original banks (without worrying about sounds)

  • Deletion of 'Send' (in OSC Panel) in all Qi-Rack versions. This corresponded to the medals activated in each 'OSC Panel' to send the mod wheel effects selected in the other layers
    Thus, for the sake of user-friendliness, a Global 'OSC Panel' has been added instead accessible when the 'Layer all' is activated (to access the 'Layer all' deselect the current layer)
* New icons 'OSC 1', 'OSC 2', 'OSC 3', 'OSC 4' are present in each respective layer to allow to transfer the OSC settings of the selected layer to the 'Layer All'
when all the 'OSC' icons with a channel are deactivated, the 'Layer All' returns to its original settings (saved before transfer)

  • New pre-connected cable Matrix visible in the 'Layer All' of the Qi-Rack 64-bit versions to connect cables in real time without reloading the patch (by default on Background cables,
    you can switch to Matrix Cable mode at any time without worrying about manually connecting the cables and avoiding patch reset cumbersome
* To switch between modes, click on the upper left corner of the Matrix
  • And Other fix...
* Revision of the Oscillators setting for the Vibrato effect in all versions
* Changed 'fond.png' image to 'Wallpaper.png' in all versions
* New 'Layer All' Panel with more options...
* Consolidation of the 'Alternates' modes of the arpeggiator...
* Color palette that appears by right clicking on a 'Pad Chord' to change the color in the 64-bit Qi-Rack version
* Editable colors of the palette (appears in Background mode by right-clicking on the message in green writing on a black background) by right-clicking on the palette icons of the 4 layers (To custum Color or From Custum color to transfer Layer colors to the palette)
* Modification of install.bat to have the possibility of changing the installation directory of PiKTrix in Update mode (install.bat is not located in the directory indicated in the PiKTrix.txt file. A copy of this PiKTrix.txt file is present in [...]Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier and allows you to install correctly all PiKTrix soundbanks (each soundbank must be downloaded from the site)
* Reduction of sound loading times by favoring sounds located on Layer 1 for the 64-bit Qi-Rack version
* Messages will appear asking you to confirm to load more sounds when you switch from one Layer to another... (Same thing for the padlock located at the bottom. In the open position, the sounds will not be loaded at each patch change)
* Ability to check the box to not be harassed if the choice is final (the option should reset with each patch change)
* Fixed other bugs (missing connections and minor bugs)

PiKTrix is ​​in permanent development but is not yet completed as it is, I am already currently working on version 1.6 while this version 1.5 has not still tested on other PCs. Don't hesitate to send me your messages in case of success or failure of the installation (with the correct images that appear)
* .bat programs are created by the software interface and should not leave any traces on your hard drive afterwards (they are erased after being launched by the PiKTrix interface)
They allow you to reorganize the text files of your sound banks located in 'Modules\Custum_List'. There is no need to drag the .wav in there... A simple line giving the path of a .pkt file listing the sounds of the instrument will be added in one of the text files of 'Modules\Custum_List'

for the moment, only the Amstrad CKX100 presets are prepared to start immediately in arpeggiator mode...

& don't use '3. Manage Custum List' with the patch number 0 in Savihost (last patch before close). You must update with Install.bat all the preset the batch files generated by PiKtrix are located in PatchMemoryText of all presets... No problem with 32 bits version normally

A new soundbank is hidden in PiKTrix (see the links) for Easter 2022 Celebration. can you find it? :party: :tu:

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Post Tue Jun 14, 2022 2:55 pm

(Version 1.6) *** on all versions (only PiKTrix Qi-Rack 32 has been momentary removed) ***
  • New soundbank mapping to accelerate the load of sounds (the duplicates lines has been removed and reworked in the patches with new panel feature 'Midi Remap'). All factory sounds banks must be download & reinstalled
  • New feature 'Midi remap' for extend the pitch of a sound with lower and upper notes (and a corresponding pitch note)
  • New 'Reverse' function in 2 modes : Reverse all & reverse only (in 'Midi remap' panel). Be carefull that the note has sound line for made some 'reverse only' modifications (see the source of an extended sound for do it)
  • 'All Layer Panel' has been redesigned in Qi-Rack 64 version
  • New option 'Editor' for open a select sound with a custum editor (see line 16 & 17 in Module\PikTrix.txt)
  • Option to play the current sound by pressing the Play icon (with the name displayed in 2 lines in larger white and smaller pink)
  • Missing images have been added in VST3 versions
  • Delayed loading of sound banks after each change of patch in 64 bit versions (press on the screen to load and see 'Wait...' appear). You can play a midi note in your keyboard to do this
  • Improved GUI with new panels
  • Fix bug in Arpeggiators (Randomize & GUI Pad light when play corresponding to the real sounds...)
    * Be Carefull ! If arpeggiator is stuck on a single note with savihost, it's maybe the buffer is too high. Switch the rate of arp to the max and return to the correct value by leaving the arpeggiator on to unlock it to see if it's good after. So, you need to lower the buffer in the settings of savihost
  • Medal in Pitch Faders has been inversed ('on' for use Oscilator Filter & Envelope modifications on filters & off when you use 'Pitch Fader' only)
  • Fix bug in color palette (Load & save color. Click right in color panel to save the current ones)
  • Improvement of Install.bat (Backup of old presets, no list of files in the prompt, update PiKTrix.txt in %userprofile%\documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier when there is a PiKTrix.txt on Modules\ repertory)
  • Better Presets...
Sorry for all problem in the previous versions. It's difficult to manage my professional life, as a musician and as a plugin developer. Nobody tell me when there's some problem (install.bat is now functional in New install or Update mode... some lines of code have been corrected and added...)

Please feed me if you can install and use it or not ! :help:

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Post Sun Jun 26, 2022 9:47 am

(Version 1.61 on 64 bit versions): Fix Bugs & Better Install.bat
  • Better 'Welcome' Patch (to integrate more easily new instruments in this patch. However prefer 'Patch Init' to do it)
  • Fix bug to note names in 'Midi Remap' panel (on Qi-Rack 64 version)
  • Fix bug in Line 27 (bad connexions in audio module)
  • Open Editor the first time (not 2 click now)
  • Foreground Panel Osc on Qi-Rack 64 version & Foreground 'Store Instrument' Panel on Ony 64 version
  • 'Instrument_Maker.bat' work another time in the Qi-Rack interface
  • Better 'Install.bat' (update Patch/Presets when a soundbank is recognize)
* Be carefull : The new names of the 3 soundbanks have been simplify (Amstrad CKX100, Pataphysis I [Essential], Pataphysis II [Deluxe])
But the names in custum List are the always same (just the path names have been changed)
Please download another time the 3 soundbanks and install these if in doubt...

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Post Mon Jun 27, 2022 7:48 am

HI, just to let you know the download from the google drive seems locked. Has been disabled. Doesn't work.

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Post Sun Jul 17, 2022 7:00 am

Download link is doesn't work.Can you provide a new download link? Thanks very much

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Post Tue Aug 30, 2022 1:55 am

normally, the link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zj2Z6n ... sp=sharing

I hope that all work regarding download links. I will check everything soon !

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Post Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:10 am

(Version 1.7) : on all versions
  • all 'Store Instrument' menu choices have been debugged and should work (better index support). Batch files : Add_Program.bat[/b]' & 'Factory_Bank.bat' & Install.bat have been improved
    * The 2 last lines are now : 'Updates all installed banks' (Update Factory banks & user banks installed to normalize index number) & 'Reset with factory banks only' : All .txt files will be deleted to clean 'Custum_List' & Update installed Factory Banks... we decide or not to installed some factory bank !
  • *** Soundfont support *** (SF2) : You can attach them to 'Custum_List'. Load the SF2 in SD card disengaged (with SF2 format ou PKT bubble before browse). Possibility to play simultaneously in dual voice .PKT instrument in Custum List (Load this !) & .SF2 Instrument in SD Card disengaged mode with SF2+ option in bubble... SF2 files load very quickly !
  • Improved lazy loading of sounds in 64 bit versions : we decide or not to load the sounds at every patch changed (when the engine starts too). Press Cancel if you don't want ! (maybe you just want to Copy Key min / max assignations & Pitch notes in a preset & back to another one after...). A loading gauge allows the user to wait when sounds load...
  • 'Midi filter' module is another time in the software again
  • Improved loop point initialization in 64 bits versions
  • 'Copy / Paste' option in all versions with Pitch Notes too (Key min / max & Pitch notes) with disk menu
    * You can 'Copy' in a different preset assignations & back to another preset to Paste data (work in Qi-Rack too with all merged layers)
  • Fix Arp Layer 2 in Qi-Rack (in 'down' mode)
  • Fix minor bug...
More documentations & tutoriels soon ! 8)

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Post Fri Oct 28, 2022 6:19 am

Version 1.8 on all 64 bits versions
  • New Factory Soundbank (Yamaha RX11-RX15)
  • Load / Save .ass files that lists all Key min, Key max, Pitch note of a layer instrument

    * For recall .ass assignations (Instrument load in PiKTrix), you need a yellow 'ASS' button before and do 'Paste' with the disk menu. 'ASS' in blue mode could Copy / Paste the current assignations in the layer without text files. Be careful, if you past without copy a first time before before in blue mode, all ahould be to value... (not the initialisation of the assignations)

    * You can create a .ass file by right click in 'ASS' button. By clicking left, you can pass to blue 'ASS' to yellow 'ASS'

    * Every change of patch, after reload, if a .ass exist, the yellow 'ASS' appear
  • New feature 'Transpo recall' with 6 memory button to recall 'Semitones', 'Octaves', 'Global Pitch', 'Pitch filters', 'A-R filters', 'Up down pitch/filters'

    * Click right et select 'Store' fore save performance (only on PiKTrix Ony 64)
  • Improvement of Batch files ('Instrument_Maker.bat', 'Factory_Bank.bat', 'Install.bat')

    * Instrument_Maker.bat : deletion 'b-moll notes' search and only with detail mode & fix lines bugs (inverse menu with extend pitch 3-4 instead of 1-2)

    * Factory_Bank.bat is an internal batch program used with 'Store Instrument panel' in update & reset mode. It manage all Factory known PiKTrix Soundbanks with determined index in advance... Concerning User Bank, the index must start since the '100' value. It is automaticaly attributed from the PiKTrix interface (PiKTrix IA!). in 'Store Instrument Panel'... (modifications of Custum_List)

    * Install.bat support new formated index of all known Factory Bank already install in 'Soundbank' repertory. All factory soundbank package support these index format to (Version 1.8 of all package). Choice of Audio Editor save in line 17 of PiKTrix.txt save in the Cookie ('[...]\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier\PiKTrix.txt') and recall on PiKTrix.txt when new install.bat
  • 'Step' mode or 'Click' mode on 'Layer Midi in' button & 'Play note' (click right on these controls for set the choice)
  • More polyphony on SF2 mode
  • Fix bug on Arp3 & Arp4 when down
  • Pre-wired cables with Matrix cables Fix (if the cables don't appear when you select a check case in 'Matrix Cables' panel, fows in volts circulate anyway)
  • Fix bug line in 14-15-16 (bad audio modules initialisation)
  • Background mode with yellow circular button in top right don't reload the sound !
  • More friendly clickable images...
  • Other fix minor bugs
Happy Halloween :troll:

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Post Tue Nov 01, 2022 4:09 pm

Version 1.81 (on all 64-bits versions):
  • PiKTrix Ony : the list of sounds did not scroll by default (only did so after pressing 'Play'), Background redesign, foreground of containers...
    * Store 'ASS' working again (List_Combiner module missing!)
    * Transpo 'Recall' button more compatible with a MIDI external controler + New 'Click off' button option (use it with a triggered chord on your MIDI keyboard). Better setting on all prepared patch...
  • Qi-Rack : The Arp note module on the right (big pad) has been replaced correctly and works the same way as the one on the left. D-1=14 Note again available on each list...
    * pre-connected cables 'Matrix Cables' visible on all patches.
  • Patch Init : These are the patch users that the user can re-register with or without changing the name. The category was renamed to appear first in the list after 'Welcome'. Preferably keep (User Patch) as category to better find them!
    * Updated all 'Factory' soundbanks with an 'Uninstall.bat' to remove the soundbank from PiKTrix with associated patches fast enough.
    Thanks for your insterest with PiKTrix.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but I believe that no one was able to see the extent of the damage, Halloween obliges... :tu:

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Post Wed Nov 09, 2022 5:32 am

Version 1.82 (64 bit versions)
  • New feature '6. Reset Layer Range' from Disk menu. When you reset, each line corresponds to a single line number
  • 'Store ASS' unlocked the first time
  • Fix bug on line 45-46-51 when paste in 'key max' entry
  • 'Chi-Rack__openpatch.png' image more clickable
  • Hint to the yellow bubble in top right -> Refresh / Background mode
  • On Qi-Rack :
    * Chord module works again without arp (Arp disable). sends all programmed arpeggiator notes simultaneously when you press a 'Chord Pad'
    * Optimized delay when launching the differents 'Chord Pad' (with the 'Hold' option of the arpeggiator active or not for the Step/Click mode)
  • On Ony : (better patch)
    * Patch Init -5 semitones to 0 by default
    * 'Inverse Filter' to up on all 'Recall' by default
* and also in all Uninstall.bat of every soundbank package, the program don't replace audio files in the package when already exist

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Post Fri Nov 18, 2022 5:13 pm

chopen. Wake up !
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here's what I see on your google Drive;
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vq7ugu2tsk2a ... n.jpg?dl=0

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Post Wed Nov 23, 2022 7:26 am

Ok ! google bitch :dog: ... I have ask a request for google to reconsider my project.
it's probably because of the MS-DOS installation. 'PiKTrix.txt' is installed on 'C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier' but it's not a malware though...

Still I post the new update 1.83

Version 1.83 (64 bit versions)
  • No more untimely 'Start.ass' file creation on startup
  • All 'Install.bat' ask you if you want or no install VST3 presets...
Uninstall.bat of all soundbanks suppress the sounds localized on the 'Soundbank\' repertory
  • Pataphysis I : fix bug on Synth Bass 1 (when modify the Custum_List)
  • Optimized delay when you press a 'Chord Pad' a second time (repeat chord)
  • 'Palette' on foreground again

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Post Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:02 am

I think bob bobwood that it work again with Google. they reconsidered my project. It was a mystake of Google team... (I have several time send them a notification. This project IS absolutely not dangerous...). Peace & freedom :hug:

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Post Sun Feb 12, 2023 7:20 am

Version 1.84 (64 bit versions)
  • Better support on .ass files (création of .ass files and move the plugin to the background and foreground)
  • Sound loadind has been improved (the user must click to 'Reload' for load the sound and must confirm after)
  • Fix OSC value (better algorithms on tremolo, vibrato, pan drag)
  • Better ergonomy to click some controls without open a not pointed list / text
  • Better patch setting and 'install.bat' improvement (Backup of the user patch in plugin directory when install.bat)
On 'Ony'versions :
  • Lots of internal modules have been replaced by external modules
  • No double trigger when a chord is selected on a 'midi keyboard' and the left/right arrow are activated (the trigger is only send on mouse down)
On 'Qi-rack' versions :
  • New 'Padlock' images to block transposition reminders with the 'Chord' pads
  • Bottom 'padlock' have been deleted (obsolete with the new system of loading)
  • Improved arppegiator when pressing a 'chord' pad with the mouse when 'hold' is on 'off' position (no holding sounds)
* Work on 'Layer all' mode with 'Chord' pads
* fix on 'Arp Layer 1' when 'down' mode
* 'Chord' Pads always on 'click' mode when Arp is activated to not send midi notes on deactivation of the arp
  • New utility with 'View' and 'Write' button : 'Write' authorize 'midi in' to register the new chord in 'Arp note' panel and 'View' make appear notes lists in 'Pad notes'
  • New 'Reset' icon on 'Layer All' (All note off)

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Post Wed Mar 15, 2023 11:06 am

Version 1.85 (PiKTrix_Ony 64-bit versions & all soundbank packages):
  • Fix Bug on 'Fix Velocity' (missing connections due to module replacements from the previous update)
    All patches have been updated & improved (radicals changes on some patches)
  • Corrections on .ass (midi note assignations) of all distributed soundbank belonging to the project (widening of the range. Don't appear in the factory patch. You could extend the range by 'Paste Layer Range' for exemple)
  • Switch background / foreground of the plugin : Loop start / end did not stay in memory
  • All soundbank have been updated (Install.bat / Uninstall.bat with an update option at the end for advanced users)
Press always [enter] after launch install.bat & Unistall.bat if you don't know the menu issue... ('Update' option exist especially for the developer)
  • A lot of minor bug...
Version 1.851:
  • Add Line code (line 38) on Install.bat to recover 'PiKTrix.txt' cookie file at :
    'C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier'
There was a bug on the installation of PiKTrix when the 'PiKTrix.txt' file were not present on 'modules\' repertory but still exist on 'C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier' :wink:

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