Help choosing a pack of VSTs to start with

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Also research the companies and which ones are easiest to deal with regarding support, ease of transferring licenses if you choose it's not for you, things like what their licensing system is and how it works. Stay away from anything requiring dongles or software from a separate company to authorize them and anything with a "Not For Resale" (NFR) clause in their licensing. Those considerations alone will deduce the list.
And not all free or cheap come out as either free or cheap always.

The short list I've found excel best in these areas are u-He, AAS, Arturia.
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Buying Ik multimedia's instruments, even at this price, is a total waste of money.
There is easyly the equivalent in quality, if not better, in the free vst world. I would say starting with that would not be a bad choice.

Otherwise, the best purchase you can make is the full Kontakt 6, if it still at half price, and if it is, it could maybe cost even less with this trick. ... est-price/

If you go along with the free stuff, and you are right about good enough free bass vst's not being so many, here are, to my knowledge but there might be others, the most decent ones,

(bass sound at minute 3:40)

(the bass preamp plugin is free as well)

(bass sound at minute 3:15)
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About free libraries, beside the one in the Kontakt 6 player, there is also one, with a few quite decent instruments, in the free version of the "Magix Independence" sampler. ... -software/

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Effectsworks wrote:
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mixyguy2 wrote:
Sat Sep 18, 2021 8:35 pm
"You get what you pay for" does not generally apply to the audio world any more.
I don't really agree with that statement tbh (fabfilter, softube, u-he, DMG audio).

That said, their are some great freebies about. I also think you should definitely utilize what you have in DAW before spending a load of cash. DAWs tend to have everything you need these days.

Only buy something if you really need it, or think it will really enhance your music.
I think we're in violent agreement :) Again I was speaking generally. I'm not saying more expensive stuff is never worth it. But it varies a LOT, so it's foolish to think that because something costs more it's better or if it's cheaper or free it's not. That's all I'm saying. There are outstanding plugins of all kinds for free or very cheap, and some pricier stuff sucks or at least is nowhere nearly worth all that money.

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Slick EQ.

I think Fabfilter Pro Q and Pro C are good investments. They are not cheap but they are both great learning tools and there is no danger of them being abandonware. Plus you get a path for crossgrade pricing from the FF store.

Reverb you should be able to get the Exponential audio stuff for really cheap, I got Nimbus for $10 or something.

Valhalla Delay is a great deal at $50.

Modulation, multi effects and filters I would avoid until you know exactly what you need.

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