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Post Sat Sep 25, 2021 5:19 am


Short version: please can someone show me how to achieve clock sync between all of the devices in the attached diagram? MB probably set to be the master clock "source" and the LPP3 driving/driven by the SL, and with the VB in time.

Long version: I am getting slower and slower with my ability to understand what to do. The attached diagram shows

MB = MatrixBrute which has MIDI in out and thru and also USB and sync in and sync out
VB = Volca Beats which has MIDI in and sync in
LPP3 = LaunchPad Pro 3 used as a sequencer which has MIDI in out and thru and USB
SL = StudioLogic SLedge which has MIDI in and out (but *not* thru) and USB

I want the LPP3 to drive the SL and have its sequences programmed from the SL keybed
I want the VB to be in time with the MB and the SL/LPP3 combo
I want the MB to be in time with the VB and the SL/LPP3 combo

In other words, I would like to get a common clock fed to all devices, originating ideally from the MB (but the SL or the LPP3 could be the master instead).

At the moment I can sync the VB and the MB (using the sync in/out connections) and with the LPP3 via MIDI - but, critically, NOT with the SL acting as the keyboard entry for the LPP3. The SL merely receives MIDI commands from the LPP3 whose grid input is used to program the sequences, not what I want. It is all in time (but incidentally the order in which things are started becomes important). At the moment the LPP3 MIDI out goes to SL MIDI in and SL MIDI out goes to LPP3 MIDI in, which gives me that LPP3/SL "pairing" I want. But how do I "common" that pairing into or with the MB/VB timing?

I cannot see how to do it whereby the LPP3 and SL become an intimate "pairing" whilst also receiving clock data from the MB (or from anywhere).

I know that "MIDI thru" is a mirror of "MIDI in" but I don't understand how to plumb in the MIDI cabling. I can probably do something using my DAW (BitWig) and USB connections but that's yet another level of complexity which I would prefer to avoid at the moment.

Please can anyone show me how to wire it all up?

(I also cross posted this at https://forum.arturia.com/index.php?board=158.0)
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Post Sun Sep 26, 2021 8:40 am

Sync out is for Euroracks or analog gear. I don't know much about those machines, but look up in the manuals for Midi clock, they all should be capable to listen to it...

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Post Sun Sep 26, 2021 10:29 am

I've got it going now - the MB sync out does drive the VB sync in (yes, usually for modular stuff) and I will instead try it via MIDI in case the timing is "tighter" The trick was to use MIDI thru from the LPP3 into the MB MIDI in so that the MB gets its clock from the SL or the LPP3 depending on how I configure it.

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