Haunta - New Guitar/Piano Driven 'Post Rock-ish' Tune

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:51 pm

Hello Friends!

We just finished up our latest track entitled Haunta. The name was locked in a while ago, so it is coincidence that we finished this right around Halloween. :) The instrumentation is pretty basic: Electric Gtrs (a few), Piano, Bass, Drums.

The piano used in the track is the Imperfect Samples Fazioli. I don't have a monster (see what I did there?) piano sample collection (the horror!!) and I am a sucker for uprights and character pianos in general, but I found that the Fazioli carried the correct 'weight' to play along with the electric guitars and drums.... even after some heavy eq'ing!

I actually used Toontrack's EZ keys to 'prototype' the song... basically choosing the chords and laying out the whole structure. I also did use the very flexible EZ Keys midi on certain piano sections where I wasn't quite sure what to play. The piano track is ultimately a mix of live played piano and EZ Keys midi data.

The bass is also a Toontrack product... EZ Bass. :) (Actually, I think EZ bass is what I have used consistently on every track over the past year and a half). Once I had the chords, etc laid out in EZ Keys, I was able to drag the midi over into EZ Bass to capture the chord changes. Like with the EZ Keys mentioned above, the bass track is part 'played in' ( I use the Audio to Midi feature.... works surprisingly well) and part EZ bass midi (okay... a lot of EZ bass midi in this one!).

No virtual guitars or drums on this one. Though, all the guitars are processed any number of amp sims. I would have to review the file, but the Waves PSR amp sims (the Dallas model?) were used for the main gtr parts. All the other guitar parts were different sims.... my guess is a generous helping of ML Sound Labs Plexi and/or JCM 800 and Audio Assaults amp sim package, Reamp Studio.

Well, after all that ado, here are the links to the track :). If you are interested in looking a creepy old time-y photos, take a peek at the YouTube vid. The visuals are definitely 'Halloween inspired'. Many thanks for listening! :

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thesoundden_us/h ... dd927d3e91


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