"Digitoner" - a Sunday Jam on the Digitone + SE-02

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Post Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:55 am

Didn't set out to make A Real Song (tm), so pressure was low - and something fell together despite my trying not to! It's sort of a simple song, and also bouncy and upbeat and maybe a little dreamy at times, which is weird for me. Custom and preset sounds on the Digitone, custom lead sound on the SE-02 I played into the Digitone sequencer in quantized mode, and the SE-02 also is routed through the Digitone to use the onboard effects. Might go back and see about adding a pad in later with the OB-6, but I was one-day-and-done as much as possible.

Added some compression and a little EQ, but, otherwise this is pretty raw. I also recorded as I muted and unmuted the tracks/sequences manually. Hope you have fun with a listen - I had fun making it!


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