Desert Machines [Metal, Industrial, Progressive, Soundtrack]

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Post Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:15 am
This track made specifically for Songwriting Competition 051 - "Let there be rock!".

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The goal was to create a track in rock music aesthetic. There were a wide selection of examples of different styles and genres, from classic psychedelic rock to modern progressive/djent metal.

It is another case where I create a track from a spontaneous jam by testing a new plugin. It was UJAM's VG Carbon. Funny is that I got it as a gift on sale may be a year ago and almost forgot about it. Without it, this track may not be even written.

An inspiration for this track goes deeply from 90's strategy videogames soundtracks, with several influences of progressive and industrial metal bands of that era.

Instruments and techniques:

1. The drums are FL Studio's factory drumkit (FPC Metal kit).
2. The bass is ABP Lite. I tried to use other bass libraries and also tried to use MODO Bass, but I got the same result with more CPU usage.
3. The rhythm guitar is UJAM VG Carbon, an 8-string guitar rompler with builtin processor.
4. There goes a keyboards:
- Synthetic arpeggio made with Repro-1;
- Synthetic choir (mixed) from TAL-Sampler's factory bank with lots of volume automation;
- Sweeping pad made with Repro-5 (appears in the bridge section);
- Orchestral hit from FL Studio's FLEX (General MIDI library).
5. The lead guitar is MusicLab RealLPC. Processed with ToneLib GFX (one of the factory presets, slightly tweaked). This guitar rompler has some interesting humanization options. You cam make it sound like it was played by a dead drunk punk.
6. A buch of desert storm samples, processed with frequency shifter and shimmer reverb that crates some eerie atmosphere.
7. A special send with several stacked reverbs that processes some instrumets and drums to create a huge imapct sounds.

Produced in FL Studio 20.8
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Post Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:17 am

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Post Sat Nov 27, 2021 4:04 pm

I loved the rhythmic components - drums/bass/guitar on here. The gave the track a lot of drive and energy. The processed storm samples also worked very well for me. I think the orchestral hits may have lessened the impact of the lead guitar a little - I thought it gave those sounds a "layered" quality, whereas I would have preferred the lead guitar to have a little more prominence than the hits which could have been a little more in the background.

The piece seems to have "game soundtrack" vibes. Listen to Mick Gordon's "Rip & Tear" if you need further confirmation :wink:

Good work :)

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