Guitar based FunkFusion improvisations made in one day

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Post Wed Jan 12, 2022 11:19 pm

Thought I'd share three different improvised tracks uploaded over 6 months ago on Soundcloud. All tracks were made from scratch in one single day and posted on Soundcloud the very same day. Sometimes it is fun not to think too much and just play whatever one feels like… ;) The Boss SY-1000 is featured in all improvs. ... hs-re-leaf ... t-the-same

Cool if anyone maybe enjoys something here and there in these tracks or maybe gets inspired to just improvise themselves. :tu:
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Post Fri Jan 14, 2022 4:43 am

These were all good! The vocal part on the second track sounds cool. Good improvisation.
These all sound a little dense to me. I don't know how to address that except to maybe separate the bass more from the rest of the sounds. You can ignore all that if that's the style you're going for.

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