Making a Drum Synth using multiple synths in a rack triggered with Step Clips

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Post Sat May 14, 2022 1:28 pm

Hey all,

I'm thinking about trying OSC 159 with Surge XT in Waveform 12. I don't generally use racks except for multi-outing a drum synth. I want to create a drum rack with Surge but it's a slightly different scenario. The picture I include attempts to show what I did and I'm curious if this is the best way.

1. One step clip will sequence everything. I set each row (e.g., Ride Cymbal 1 in the picture) of the step clip to a separate MIDI channel (1, 2, 3, etc.).

2. A MIDI patch bay will allow 1 channel through and block the rest. That patch bay will trigger the corresponding Surge instance (so I should set the topmost instance of Surge to have a ride cymbal sound)

3. That instance of Surge will be connected to one track. The rack is copied to other tracks and separate outputs are added to repeat these steps.

There'll eventually be a lot of Surge instances to create everything with Surge, so I wanted to make sure this is the most efficient way. Thanks!
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