Acoustica license registration / activation / hardware ID -- none of that?

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Hello fellow musicians

I have a bit of time to get to grips with Acoustica. Last year I bought a license for Acoustica Premium 7 from All I got was a serial number. Don't get me wrong, that seems extremely user friendly. Just enter your S/N and off you go. No hassle with machine activation, deactivation, re-activation after hardware swap, etc. Not beeing forced to be online with the machine is great as well. :tu: Again, very customer friendly. Rare these days, sadly.

I was wondering if there is any kind of user area / registration process on So to find out if there is an update I go to the website, check the offered Acoustica downloads and compare the version number with what I have installed. Is that the intended way? For new installation I put in my serial and that's it?


Yes, absence of all this non-sense was a strong reason to purchase everything from Acon. I hate being treated as pirate by invasive DRM. But it's not the only such company, Reaper and FabFilter also think genuine users deserve genuine software.

I'm not paying for a subscription to someones activation server that will be down in some years anyway.


So ist this still the case with all acon products?
I was looking into Acoustica Premium and it seems to have a limit of 2 simultanous activations which i assume needs internet access to track.
Andy is a support ninja.


This is one of the reasons i love them, they respect their customers

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