Grooveslap presents Harmonic Animator (vst3/au/aax MIDI chord step sequencer)

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The Harmonic Animator is an innovative MIDI VST/AU/AAX plugin designed for music producers and sound designers seeking to unleash their creativity through dynamic chord transformation.

It can give you a funky guitar type of vibe, but with your soft synths.

By facilitating real-time modulation of rhythm, voicing, inversion, velocity, modwheel swing, and duration (and more), the plugin elevates your music, introducing a rich tapestry of sound seamlessly integrated with your track’s harmony. Its advanced polyrhythmic sequencer, individual LFO control per row for deep customization, and over 60 unique presets make it a powerful tool for creating distinctive musical textures. The Harmonic Animator is compatible with macOS and Windows and works in all major DAWs. This plugin breathes new life into synths, enriching your musical elements with unparalleled control over rhythm, harmony, and texture.

Here is a demo of the upcoming scene-chaining feature in version 2, soon to be released which will be a free upgrade for version 1 users. ... grooveslap
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Very cool.

One thing that should be brought to your attention is that on the KVR product page it says "No license required" when in fact it needs an ilok account.

I didn't know this when I bought it.

Personally I don't mind ilok but a lot of people hate it with the passion of a thousand suns.


Thanks for pointing that out, I'll see if I can find how to get that notification correct.

Post ... grooveslap

Actually it does say copy protection: ILok on the listing, can you confirm you don't see that?


It says it now but it didn't earlier on today.
Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 20.48.19.png
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That is weird. Maybe a KVR admin was being helpful.


grooveslap wrote: Wed Jul 03, 2024 3:15 pm That is weird. Maybe a KVR admin was being helpful.
Anyway fixed now!

Having a lot of fun with the plugin. It's a really cool and quick way to get some variety from chords.

One thing I'd love to see (maybe it's there and I've missed it) would be the ability to disable a lane.

Like for example being able to disable the mod wheel output entirely.

Also a simple transpose function (a scale aware transpose would be great)


The closest thing it has to transpose is the inversion offset setting, as seen here:

I don't plan to have a way specify scales (other than the via input notes)

But I really like the idea of optionally disabling modwheel and other rows.
I will implement that in a future version.


Man not a fan of ilok
Unless I can generate more licenses to ilok when I run out of activations because I purchased a New computer this has lock many other Vsts because support is slow/bad

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