Another Nine Inch Nails cover. Sin.

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I've posted a few of these cover recordings lately. Mostly for practice singing, etc. I always appreciate any feedback. It's always a learning process.

I gave a few attempts at this vocal. This last version is where I stopped thinking about it, etc. There is some tuning, but I didn't overthink each phrase/word.
Vocal chain is SM7b -> Heritage Elite 1073 -> Warm76 -> ProVLA -> Cubase and then DBX166 in the mix. (DBX has this cool peakstop control that clips in a neat way)
So it is quite compressed, yes. :)

The guitars are using my Zoom Driver pedal for the old school Zoom distortion. It always sounded NINy to me. I also put the guitar buss through a waveshaper for more top end grit.

The chorus bass is the Arturia Prophet VS. Not EXACTLY the same but pretty close. I'm guessing the original used this. (HW obviously)

I like to compress a few times in series instead of hitting one compressor hard. (see that vocal chain) For the mix buss, it's the Arturia Diode compressor, then into a Warm BussComp, then the Cubase Maximizer and then finally into that Cubase 'Raiser' for a tiny bit more. It's sitting somewhere around -9LUFS if I remember right. Pretty loud to me. Interesting that the waveform isn't a total log. :)

Maybe posting all the tech info is silly, but I enjoy reading this kind of stuff so...



I find your hardware choices an interesting read. So, you compressed on the way in (vocals) and not hardware inserts? Did you consider compressing afterwards?
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Both. Warm76 -> ProVLA on the way in and the DBX is used as HW insert. Like I said, compressing in stages seems to get me there without completely mashing it.

I find the same with distorting vocals.. a single stage can turn it into mush, but hitting multiple stages hard gives it a more interesting texture.


it does sound very hard, but in a good way. Your vocals are awesome, didn't know the original though. Production seems pro to me


I think Trent has a REALLY great voice. Mine might get by, but doesn't hold a candle to the original.

Thanks very much for listening and for the encouragement.

Oh by the way.. this mix doesn't use it, but at one point I was using the free Kilohearts compressor on the vocal buss. Max ratio, threshold all the way down, attack and release at fastest settings. LOL.. but it didn't sound awful. For my threshold of awful, anyway. :) I'm definitely going to revisit that down the road.


Thanks for== posting my grandfather. Makes one to see it.
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Very good effort. Vocals are a tad off pitch wise, but very minor.

Enjoyed it. Diff enough to notice, but close enough to remain familiar.

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