Sucessful: Using Receptor Wireless on XP

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Post Fri Nov 12, 2004 11:38 pm

Yes. It can be done. Here you will find the steps needed.

1. First of all you need a wireless router. I have the US Robotics 802.11g Wireless Turbo Router

2. Second you need to be able to configure your wireless network through Windows XP. I would recommend doing with Service Pack 2 which is more easier. This must be done with your host computer, the one you wish to connect to Receptor.

3. Configure a 802.11g Wireless Turbo Multi-Function Access Point with a crossover cable (very important). The configuration must be as Acces Point Client detailing the address (MAC Address) of the router.

4. Configure Receptor to use an AUTO (DHCP) Ethernet connection.

5. Connect the AC Client to Receotor using a crossover cable (once again, very important).


If you have fear about network hacking you must know the following points:

1. Windows XP does not support A WEP with Shared key, so you must configure your network without password or as Open Key.

2. To enhance the security you has now only an option: Filtering the MAC address. So the router only allow to connect the equipment with this MAC address. This is the strongest security method ever.

3. You wonder how to know the MAC address of your Receptor. Is easy. On the back of the receptor you will see a label with the Serial Number and the LAN ID. The LAN id is the MAC address.

Sorry for my English. I'm not ntaive.

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