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KVR End of Year Countdown: Week 3 giveaway with DJ Swivel

Week 3 of the 'KVR End of Year Countdown' kicks off with a brand new giveaway from DJ Swivel. Stand in line to grab one of 5 copies of their brand new Knocktonal plugin.

Knocktonal is a note-based resonance enhancer, allowing users to boost (or cut) resonances as well as their corresponding harmonic overtones. Simply put, Knocktonal allows you to tune your drums without the need for destructive re-pitching of samples. Equipped with both Resonance and Subtractive EQ's, Knocktonal offers complete control over your root notes as well harmonic overtones with up to 30 bands of resonance. It features separate MIDI input channels for both your additive and subtractive EQ's so you can track pitch from MIDI notes. Featuring a built-in limiter, you can push your signal harder while still maintain a smooth clean sound. Whether you want to turn your kicks into punchy 808's, create percussive lead instruments, or simply glue your drums to the key of the song, Knocktonal offers surgical precision over the sound of your drums in the most musical way possible.

For more info check out www.djswivel.com

Sign up below and stay tuned for more giveaways through the month of December. Winners will be selected on the 22nd of December.

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