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KVR Marketplace International Guitar Month - Round 2

Our KVR Marketplace International Guitar Month giveaway was such a success, we're running the whole thing again!

KVR Marketplace has enlisted the community of guitar effects software developers you can see within the KVR Marketplace Guitar Effects Department. We are thrilled beyond measure by their enthusiasm. They've provided so much cool software we've put together 3 custom bundles.

Check out these killer guitar effects bundles:


SECOND PRIZE - 5 Winners

THIRD PRIZE - 10 Winners

To insure there are plenty of chances to win we'll be giving away ONE 1st prize, FIVE 2nd prizes and TEN 3rd prizes.
Enter to win before the giveaway closes on April 30th.
We'll be picking another 16 winners May 1st.
Every KVR-ian who entered in round 1 is automatically entered to win in round 2.

This giveaway has ended!

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