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Reviewed By skevenelis
November 12, 2018

best and most easy to use VST synthesiser, with this many/wide sound options. i make Basedrums, Hoover, ARP's Atmospheres/pads for 10 years now with sylenth, no sound was to hard for sylenth, always working even with a pentium 3 processor with 512 MB RAM.

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Reviewed By mitchiemasha
September 7, 2018

It doesn't get any easier than this... If you don't have Sylenth1 in your collection, you're not a producer. Coming from hardware, Lennar Digital was the first to make me realise what we could do inside a PC. Even back then when cores were low, this thing would make our speakers sing. I never liked it's look but it's look is perfect, everything's where it needs to be. If you don't understand synthesis, a few hours with Syleth1 and all will be revealed.

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Reviewed By dune_rave
February 15, 2017

I have bought the previous version of Sylenth1 years ago here at the KVR Marketplace - it was a great second-hand buy. Sylenth1 is a unique and fantastic synth, with many inspiring sounds. I'm sure Lennardigital was among the first developers who realized how important is the quality of the factory presets. And if you want more presets there are plenty of free and commercial on the net. About the GUI: even the previous version was OK, but this new version (v2) with the scalable GUI is awesome (+ new skins are planed and coming soon). You don't need a multicore CPU to run this, Sylenth1 uses VERY LITTLE CPU.

V2 uses a new authorization, so it's not simple serial anymore - but it's ok for me. It's interesting, that other developers create "similar" synths, like U-he Hive, or Synthmaster One, but Sylenth1 one remains an alltime classic. I just call these kind of synths v2 synths, that become even better with the new version, so I only can compare Sylenth1 to synths like ImpOSCar 2, FM8, Z3ta+ 2, Blue II, Predator2 ...

And what about a future v3 - who knows?

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Reviewed By aumordia
February 13, 2017

I bought Sylenth1 because my DAW came with a bunch of advanced synths that were just way over my head. Almost immediately, great sounds were flying out of my speakers faster than I could dial them in. But eventually, I felt I had gone as far as I could go with such a simple synth -- so I sold it. What a mistake that was. Nothing else hits the sweet spot the way Sylenth1 does -- believe me -- and it's the only synth I've ever purchased twice. Now I have a couple hundred patches programmed for it, and I still stumble upon new, useful, wonderful musical sounds seemingly without trying.

I don't think any other softsynth has as much sprezzatura as Sylenth1. Also, you can't beat its sound quality / CPU usage ratio.

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Reviewed By DPhil
December 7, 2016

After demoing some new plugins I still find myself using Sylenth1. I don't exactly know why. Maybe it's the ease of use, the sound quality or just the performance and workflow. I love how limited it is in a good way. You can't mess up a sound, it's just not possible. But nonetheless you can get wild cross modulations and depth out of it. The latest ui improvements perfectly fit into my definition of good looking.

It's a bread and butter synth resulting in so many available widly genre spread soundsets. So the lack of own creativity can get balanced with the work of other professional sound designers.

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