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Reviewed By Clifton
November 26, 2018

This is perhaps one of the most oustanding soft synth i've ever heard ever since Dune 2, Halion 6, Electra2, Harmor, Alchemy, etc. The possibilities are endless and that i'm barely scratching the surface. One of the amazing things I like about this additive/subtractive synth is it has 4 oscillators and 2 waveforms per oscillators. With that being said you can morph between 2 waveforms for final waveshaping purposes. I look at it as a partial wavetable synth but it would be nice if it were to be a true wavetable synth and being able to cycle through the waveforms. This is only a single cycle synth but has so much potential behind it that your not really missing out on anything. Very good and unusual effects to choose from and apart from everything else it even has microtuning files to choose from so anyone can get really creative and get really crazy. The sky's the limit.

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