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Synth (Semi Modular) by Erich Pfister
What is it?
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System Requirements
This Synthesizer is CPU-Bound
Minimum 2.4GHz processor for usability
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Instant (Serial Number)
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Important Note
Built-In Preset browser only loads and saves .vstpreset files. No VST2.4 support - VST3 only. You can make bad patches with this synth that will hurt your ears and speakers - no training wheels here.
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Anacreon is a patch-cable driven synthesizer with the following features:

  • Lovingly programmed in straight C++ without using Flowstone, SynthEdit, JUCE, etc.
  • (qty 3) Bandlimited, stereo, non-aliasing oscillators
    • Saw and pulse waveforms.
    • Hard sync with subsample accuracy.
    • PWM on pulse waveform.
    • Easy supersaw / superpulse
      • Up to 64 supervoices per oscillator per voice.
      • Detune and spread knob for easy tuning.
      • Phase smear control between supervoices.
      • Extremely small minimum detune for analog emulation.
  • (qty 4) 4 Pole multimode filters
    • LP, BP, and HP.
    • 24dB/Octave and 12dB/Octave.
    • All available simultaneously w/ independent gains.
    • Built-in soft saturator w/ drive control.
    • Generally stable, survives weird feedback patching.
  • (qty 2) Aux envelopes + (qty 1) main envelope
    • True exponential response achieved via iterated multiplication.
    • Retrigger and legato modes.
    • Soft and hard reset modes.
    • Envelope times go to ZERO for clickiness when desired.
  • (qty 2) Free running / tempo sync LFOs
    • Keytracking and velocity sensitive gain / frequency.
    • Triangle, sinusoid, and pulse waveforms.
    • "Shape" parameter adjusts duty cycle of all LFO waveforms.
    • Audio rate modulation available.
  • (qty 6) Stereo attenuverters
    • For complex patching.
    • Outputs DC when inputs disconnected.
  • (qty 1) Modulation Source Bank
    • Velocity, Keytrack, Pitchbend, Modwheel.
    • Aftertouch / PolyPressure support in the works. VST3 is a difficult beast.
  • (qty 1) Stereo limiter / clipping saturator.
  • (qty 1) Ancient Greek lyric poet's head
    • Patchable eyeballs (main out).
    • Beard of wisdom (about page).

General notes:

  • All processing is per voice.
  • All keytracking elements have independent glide parameters.
  • Oscillator pitch controlled via continuous knob (great for electro / techno pitch modulation bass).
  • Sample-accurate modulation.
  • Oscillators sound bright and buzzy at low frequencies.

Demo Version:

  • Audio dropouts / noise.
  • Wont work in full songs.


Demo Download Link

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