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Anomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 2 - Disturbances
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Anomaly Dark Impulses - Vol. 2 - Disturbances

Anomaly Disturbances IR is the second volume of Impulse Response files generated from the Anomaly sounds.

All IR files are stereo WAV files between 7 to 10 seconds long.

This volume contains IR's made from the Disturbances folder of Anomaly Vol. 1 broken up into 2 folders:

Disturbances 1 - two folders of 96 sounds, 300 MB:

  • Experimental - .WAV IR files at -11 dB.
  • Reverb - .WAV IR files at -15 dB.
  • Disturbances 1 - folder with 192 Fog Convolver presets.

Disturbances 2 - two folders of 97 sounds, 309 MB:

  • Experimental - .WAV IR files at -11 dB.
  • Reverb - .WAV IR files at -15 dN.
  • Disturbances 2 - folder with 194 Fog Convolver presets.

Each IR file was given a preset in Fog Convolver that set the length of the IR file and the Freq Response of the IR file with Fades applied where required. (see image above) This means that you can alter the time of the impulse response - I preferred to keep them short in the presets - but also move along the response file to use different areas of it as well. You can also shape the colour of the reverb effect by altering the Freq Response - the setting for the High Pass and Low Pass Filters.

The .wav files should also be useable in any Convolution Reverb.

Audio demos are available.

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