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Anomaly XXVII - Dark Textures
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Anomaly XXVII - Dark Textures

Anomaly XXVII - Dark Textures is a new soundset made from the source sounds of Anomalies XX, XXII, XXIII, XXIV and XXV.

Each source was paired with only one other source sound, the two sounds fading in volume at different levels in the Anomaly VSTi - resulting in a much longer sample by the time it actually repeats as it began.

The result is 85 new combinations as sound beds, dark textures that interweave around each other.

85 new sounds, 531 MB. Each sound is a looped stereo SFZ/WAV file, 37 seconds long (except for one which is 30 seconds).

Each sound is a combination of only two sources - much simpler than normal Anomaly sounds.


  • Anomaly VSTi: 85 instrument presets.
  • Wusik V6/V7: 85 instrument presets.
  • Wusik V9: 85 instrument presets.
  • Kontakt V5: 85 .nki instrument presets.
  • sforzando: 85 instrument presets.
  • Dimension Pro: 85 instrument presets.
  • Rapture: 85 instrument presets.
  • TX16Wx: 85 instrument presets.

Audio demos are available.

Price: $18.

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