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UtilityStand-alone utility / application
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 2.0  -
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Windows 7 and up
 2.0  -
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10.6 and up
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Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Important Note
Users do not need to own an iLok2 dongle. AutoTheory licenses provide two activations.
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The patented AutoTheory process empowers users to easily compose chord progressions and matching melodies from any key and multiple scales. AutoTheory does this by dividing your MIDI keyboard into two mechanisms; a Chord Generator and a Melody Lock.

The Chord Generator allows users to play full chords with the selection of a single key on your keyboard. All keys of your keyboard are rounded to the scale tones as defined by the Key Signature and Scale parameters. In most mappings, all tones are transposed to position the I Chord on the natural C position. A chord editor section also allows users to fully customize each step within the chord in regards to it's octave, intonation, and whether it is active within the chord.

The Melody Lock works as such... Instead of moving your fingers to the right tones, the right tones are moved to your fingers. The Melody Lock rounds all keys of your keyboard to the selected scale tones as defined by the Key Signature and Scale parameters. The seven defined scale tones can then be aligned in one of four different mappings. Two of these mappings align the scale tones in a dynamic manner, where the tone values of each key on your keyboard change based upon the last chord played from the chord generator. This allows the user to keep their fingers on the same keys, while always playing a melody that matches the chord currently being played.

AutoTheory provides four different outputs for both the Melody Lock and the Chord Generator. Each output can be assigned to one of eight different "virtual" MIDI controllers that will route into your DAW. These outputs can be organized in a very open ended way to provide any type of layering that you can think of.

All of these features enable users to compose music in a totally open ended and limitless fashion. The patented Melody Lock and Chord Editor functions found within AutoTheory are totally unique and state of the art. No other software empowers all users to compose music in an intuitive and improvisational manner like AutoTheory does. AutoTheory is the new paradigm in MIDI.

AutoTheory Overview:

Advanced Chord Design: YouTube.com/watch?v=L-M0_IaFM_M

Open Arpeggiation System: YouTube.com/watch?v=fWZy_hbIOaI

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