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Dialogue Match

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Crossgrade Licenses

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Upgrade from RX 1-7 Standard

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Academic / Education License

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Dialogue Match

Match sonic profiles for dialogue and ADR

Using all-new reverb, ambience, and EQ matching technology, Dialogue Match applies the reverberant sonic attributes of one recording directly onto another, giving your scenes environmental and spatial continuity in seconds. Dialogue Match is the ultimate tool for re-recording mixers and ADR editors:

  • Match microphone characteristics from a boom to a lavalier, and lavalier to boom.
  • Automatically match ADR to production audio.
  • Quickly match localized audio to the original language.
  • Save and load global snapshots and reference profiles.

Leverage Ozone's cutting-edge EQ matching technology in Dialogue Match with an intuitive EQ module that offers sonic flexibility and versatility. With EQ matching you can select a clip as a reference, then quickly match the tonal and spectral aspects of any piece of dialogue and apply it to another.

Brand-new reverb matching technology allows you to take spatial reflections from one recording and apply them to another with astonishing accuracy via Exponential Audio's clean, realistic reverb engine.

Capture the spectral noise profile of a recording and dial it in on all of your dialogue tracks to add that final layer of depth and realism to your actors' performances.

Save time by applying learned settings to use throughout your workflow.

You can save your own Reference profile, or use default Reference profiles as a starting point, such as small rooms, long hallways, or vehicle interiors.

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