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ERA De-Clipper
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ERA De-Clipper

ERA De-Clipper is an audio effect plug-in that automatically detects & restores any clipped part of your audio. Audio clipping (or saturation) is the distortion that occurs when you set your input signal level far too high. It happens when your analog or digital recording equipment reaches its limits and your system cannot handle the dynamics of your input signal. Clipping results from over-saturation and usually sounds like a harsh distortion. When you look at the loud parts of your input waveform, you can see clippings as blocks of audio that are chopped off. It's always preferable to avoid clipping. But when you cannot re-record, the ERA De-Clipper will be your life-saver.

The ERA De-Clipper restores saturated audio segments and improves the overall signal quality. Unlike any other De-Clipping software, the ERA De-Clipper is completely automatic. It detects and repairs the over-saturated audio segments. You just have to select between Mode 1 (for standard use) and Mode 2 (for trickier cases). Repair your clipped audio in seconds with the new ERA De-Clipper.

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Reviewed By garfield78
January 26, 2019

First impression is good with default value .Now seem than the "auto"detection level is not very accurate, i haven't same result with same music at different audio level .

Second, the system protection is very annoying .If one day the accusonus compagnie close, you 'll can't activated your software, because it's online activation (or offline but same) because it's use a hwid .

Third, price is good.

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